Please take a few minutes to share your ideas about the state of education and workforce readiness in Hamilton County. We appreciate your time and feedback.
Community input and engagement are critical to the success of Chattanooga 2.0. Thanks for being part of the movement toward becoming the smartest community in the South!
First, imagine an ideal school district. What features and characteristics make that district stand out?

What is your role in the Hamilton County Department of Education (HCDE)?

What skills and qualities should a HCDE graduate possess?

In your opinion, what are the three best qualities of the HCDE?

What three things would you change about the HCDE?

What three components listed below are the most important in having a quality school district?

Which of Chattanooga 2.0’s four work areas interest you most? (select all that apply)

What are other communities/states/school districts doing well that should be considered for HCDE?

Please indicate the likelihood of you taking the following actions:

Hosting small gatherings to talk about education and job preparedness

Attending a speaker series or lecture

Attending a community forum

Volunteering at a school

Volunteering at a charity or program that serves youth

Participating on committees with Chattanooga 2.0 partners

Hiring high school students for summer jobs and internships

Mentoring a student or educator

Writing a letter to the editor

Writing letters to school board members / legislators

Participating in a focus group

Would you like to be contacted about getting more involved in the process of transforming the state of education and job readiness in Hamilton County?

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